Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Quick Picks

Topshop is one of my favourite online stores to browse and shop since I first jumped on board the  online shopping train. It gets especially dangerous around sale time as the UK sales often have styles which the Topshop Melbourne store either have just put out on the shop floor or are holding off until next season. With free shipping for all purchases over 50 pounds and an easy returns policy (postage dependent on weight), shopping the UK high street is just a click away.

Below are my Print Picks for the Week! Happy shopping ^^

Thursday, May 9, 2013

MET Gala 2013 - Best Dressed List

Amber Heard - Emilio Pucci 

 Anna Hathaway - Valentino

Blake Lively - Gucci Premiere 

Cara Delevingne - Burberry 

Carey Mulligan - Balenciaga 

Emmy Rossum - Donna Karan Atelier 

Gwyneth Paltrow - Valentino Couture 

Jennifer Lawrence - Christian Dior

Kate Bosworth - Balmain 

 Nicole Ritchie - Topshop

  Rooney Mara - Givenchy

These are my picks for best dressed at the 2013 MET Gala in New York. After much thought and deliberation, my pick for the best of the best dressed would be Rooney Mara. The Givenchy gown is utterly breathtaking and just looks amazing on her. I love the lace intricacies and how it cascades down the middle split of the gown. Even with the plunge neck and open back feature, the dress still looks sexy and elegant at the same time. Also props to Rooney for rocking the pointed shoulder detailing as not many can pull that off. A close second was Nicole Ritchie with her hair letting the main reason I didn't choose her. Why I ask?! Why would her hair stylist or Nicole herself, think that white talcum powder would be an amazing look with her custom made Topshop gown. It just ruins the whole look in my opinion and ages her by a good 20 years. Other honourable mentions are Kate Bosworth and Amber Heard. Those girls just never let me down.

(images c/o Huffington Post)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Winter Stomping Boots

I'm on the prowl for new winter boots as my current black ones have taken a beaten last winter and through the cooler spring weather. As we're in Autumn here in Australia, the days are getting colder and nights chillier so I need to snap one up pronto! I'm completing the below styles with their classic look and stomping appropriate heels. The Newbury is the epitome of what a classic black boot should be, but the Ita has the edge with the buckle detail and plate detail at the top of the heel.

(Rag & Bone - Newbury, Senso - Ita, Tony Bianco - Devon, Zomp - Gianvito, Acne - Pistol )

Monday, April 15, 2013

Black and White

(cr: theyallhateus, vogueau, carolinasmode,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Style Spotlight: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is definitely on my top 5 celebrity crushes! Her everyday style is laid back, urban and oh so casual but yet she still oozes style from head to toe. If I was to walk down the street in denim shorts and a singlet I would look like a teen on her way to the beach but yet Rachel in the exact same outfit would look ultra chic without even trying. She has that sweet girl next door look but yet she could still get anything she wants with a bat of her eyelashes or a cheeky pout.

There have been many interviews where she has said that people still mistaken her for a child. I think its cute and can relate to her as I myself still get surprise looks from strangers when they find out that I am in my mid-20s. It is a burden at times but will be a great for when I'm in my 30s and can still be mistaken for a young 20-something.

One of the things I love about Rachel's style is that anyone can copy her style and use her for inspiration with pieces that they currently have in their wardrobe. Everyone has a pair of denim shorts, white t-shirts, skinny leg jeans, black ankle boots, grey chunky knit and so forth. If you don't have any one of those items that was listed before, run to the shops and buy them! These items are essential to every womans' wardrobe and are wardrobe staples which can be worn all year round.

I will be posting up some blog entries on wardrobe essentials in the next few weeks which I think will help you create wearable everyday outfits without breaking the bank.


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